Gluten free gourmet burgers- The Real Burger Kitchen, Chichester

Warning: This is not for the super healthy readers, this is pure comfort food!


I can remember the first time my other half took me to The Real Burger Kitchen one of our first dates) walking through to door and into a cool, comfortable space.

Seated in booths, each table has its own wireless keyboard and monitor, which you can do whatever you wish with (we look up fail/win compilations). If you book in advance I highly recommend the VIP booth, for an extra snazzy meal!

So, all the burgers on the menu are gluten free and can be served with a gluten free bun too! And with such a wide variety of burgers and other bits to choose from This place is always a sure winner! They all come with a cheeky side of string fries to enjoy, if you have enough room after your burger. The food is beautiful, service is always fast and I have never come across a waiter/waitress that doesn’t bend over backwards to make sure you have a fab meal!

Added bonus, you can take your burger home and enjoy a 20% discount on your food.

So next time you are in Chichester and hunger strikes, this amazing little burger bar will set your tummy straight!

Delicious! Thank you to everyone at The Real Burger Kitchen for all our delicious burgers!

Photo credited to RBK.


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