Pie & Vinyl Portsmouth you simply must go! 

This weekend we have my youngest brother, C staying with us! C is 14 and obsessed with computer games so instead of doing that all weekend, we decided we would take a day trip to Portsmouth today.

I hate city driving and I don’t think Miles is a fan either so this was a great opportunity for us to try out the Portsmouth Park & Ride system they have in place. Which was really reasonable- we paid £3 for parking all day and unlimited bus rides around Portsmouth! I do love a bargain.

Whilst we were in Portsmouth we thought we would take the opportunity to satisfy Miles’ craving for vinyl and so we went to Pie & Vinyl to see what it was all about.

It s a quirky little place with a vinyl shop one side and a cute restaurant serving a selection of gluten free, vegetarian and vegan pies! Amazing!

Unfortunately hunger had called before we made it to Pie & Vinyl but we managed to take a few pies away for our dinner this evening and even though the gluten free pies weren’t included in today’s selection available for takeaway the staff at P&V still managed to sort us out with a gluten free pie for Miles! Which I think is pretty lovely of them!

We have just had our dinner and I have to say the pies where delicious!  

We will deffo be coming back to see you again! Thank you Pie & Vinyl!


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