A little update!

Wow it was a busy weekend for Miles and I, and it’s been a busy start to the week too! 

Anyway A and his other half have made it to their holiday destination safely and I have a lovely pic to share with you of him in his Paisley shorts that I made! I have to say there is something even more satisfying about seeing someone else wear a garm that you have made I felt very touched! 

Here it is! He makes such an excellent model!

I love the t-shirt he is wearing with the shorts they really go together well! He had to buy a belt to wear with the shorts because they came up a little big on him, but it’s just growing room and we are both really pleased with how they turned out! 

I had so much of the Paisley fabric left over, I decided to make another Delphine skirt (pattern from Tilly and the Buttons- Love at First Stitch). I wanted a new challenge so I thought I’d line the skirt with some lovely lining I picked up on eBay! Here is the result: 

  I decided to cut out a smaller pattern size as the last one I did was a little bit big for me and I ended up taking it in, the smaller size was a huge success and it fits perfectly!   


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