19 Fourteas Tearoom- Havant

Yesterday I dragged Miles out for a day of shopping… We needed a few bits for our holiday to China in October and we somehow ended up going to Havant due to the bigger shop sizes! As time went on we were both feeling very peckish and wanted some grub! I had googled gluten free places to eat in Havant and found Laura’s Kitchen, however when we arrived it was closed! So on the hunt again a hip, skip and a jump up the road we found 19 Fourteas Tearooms. I have to say I am so glad we did!

The tearoom (if you haven’t guessed) has a 1940’s theme, I think it’s brilliant! It has loads of memorabilia decorating it from top to toe!  The food is amazing! Like ‘granny used to make’ type, filling and delicious and the service was fantastic! The staff are happy and chatty which made the whole experience that much nicer! The menus are even written in a ration book which is a touch I personally really liked. 

 … And as you can see there is a gluten free menu too! Perfect!

First things first, we were in need of a nice warm cup of tea…


I haven’t seen a tea cosy in years and it was a lovely cup of tea, look at my cute tea cup :).

Then we ordered some lunch, Miles went for the bean soup which I tasted and it was delicious!

 And it came in a cute little stew pot which we thought was so sweet. I ordered good old mac and cheese…  The picture does it no justice, this was the real deal! So cheesey, just what the doctor ordered!

All in all neither Miles or I have any gripes and we will deffo be visiting again! The atmosphere and food was spot on! I only wish I had got a picture of their High Tea which looked spectacular! Maybe next time!


6 thoughts on “19 Fourteas Tearoom- Havant

  1. Charmaine Crockett says:

    Absolutely amazing tea room have had high tea for aunties 50 th with the ladies of the family and nans 70th atmosphere was superb friendly family run business in 40s theme highly recommended

    Liked by 1 person

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