Pumpkin cake…with a twist 

While Miles and I were in China, we went for an amazing meal at a Northern Chinese restaurant! 

We ordered lots of different foods including ‘sweet potato fries’ which turned out to be chips coated in a hot sugar syrup which you dunk in water to set then munch on buuuuuut… That’s a different story!

 Today I am going to tell you about a different dish, from the same restaurant called pumpkin cake. They look like fish cakes all golden, flat and round but they are indeed a confectionery!   They are sweet, gooey, crunchy, bright bites of joy with a hidden surprise inside! I really recommend you try them out! 

I got the recipe from here and having visited the oriental shop last week I managed to gather the ingredients!   I made the recipe gluten free by blitzing up some gluten free bread I had and coated the cakes with that!   Then a quick shallow fry to give it a lovely crisp finish! 



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