A new kitchen gadget!

So, over Christmas I was spoiled rotten by a lot of lovely people, I got a lot of amazing gifts from chocolate to Pandora charms (Eeek) to name but a few!  Huge thank you to everyone for all my amazing gifts! 

My beautiful zebra from Janey @ jamemakes! (Thank you!)

On Boxing Day we went to visit my family, to exchange presents. I’m really bad at Christmas, even as a child is be the first up, in the early hours of the morning opening up my gifts from Santa. So as you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to open yet more presents!

One present in particular that will be very useful especially for my bloggy was a halogen oven my mum, sister and little brother got us! It’s a wonder! If it wasn’t for a lack of a hob I would happily get rid of the oven we have in our kitchen currently! 

I do love a good kitchen gadget! So I put it to use as soon as possible and when we had our good friends E and J over for dinner one night over the Christmas period I used it to cook the most perfect roast beef ever! 

It works by circulating hot air around a big glass bowl. It generates the heat using a halogen bulb in the lid. The temperature is controlled digitally so it is spot on every time! Now I have it I don’t know what I would do without it! 

The oven I have came with a range of attachments such as tiers (so you can cook meat and veg at the same time), a cake tin/rice bowl, an extender ring and tongs and that’s just the start!

You can also purchase extra bits for it such as an air fryer which I may have to do!

I haven’t got any pictures of the meals I have made with it but I promise there will be some coming.

Until then I will leave you with a picture of my new gadget.

Look at all the space in there! 


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