Pizza Express- Gluten Free Doughballs and more…

On Sunday, Miles and I decided to go to Pizza express to check out their new Gluten Free Doughballs! Exciting stuff! We hadn’t been to Pixza Express in a while but I’d heard a few bits and bobs about these Doughballs and it was time to give them a go!

I love the variety that they offer on their gluten free menu, they have so much to choose from, and it only keeps getting better!

The doughballs were really nice, crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside, accompanied with some garlic butter. They were de-lish!

We shared two starters from the gluten free menu here is the other…

This was very nice too, mozzarella with pesto, olive oil and cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes were lovely and sweet, olive oil was beautiful and the pesto was packed with flavour!

My pizza was sooooo lovely! The “Fiorentina”.

Miles enjoying his “Soho 65” pizza!

Thank you Pizza Express for a lovely gluten free lunch! I highly recommend the doughballs, and pizza for that matter! I can’t wait to visit again!

*I have received no compensation for this post.


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