Its been a long time coming…

Gluten Free Baked Camembert Recipe!



Hello Blogletts! I have some very exciting news for you... (Drumroll please) Kyrie in Kalamityland has a shiny new website! Annnnnnd... There will be a few more changes happening on my blog. I am going to be writing about a lot more than just food (don't worry, you can still get your GF fix with … Continue reading Surprise!

New GF Finds: October (And a GF giveaway!)

Evening blogletts, I have decided to add a new section to my blog to inform you all about the tasty new things Miles and I have found each month... or thereabouts! So, I am starting with October. The month when it starts to get colder outside, and more comforting food is needed... and much warmer … Continue reading New GF Finds: October (And a GF giveaway!)

Gluten free glazed ring doughnuts!!!

Ok before I start…we are about to enter serous territory. This post is no post for the bloggletts out there on a diet. If you are on a diet/watching what you eat/trying to lose weight… then I strongly advise you close the browser and walk away now (unless you're planning a cheat day). *********************************************************************** If … Continue reading Gluten free glazed ring doughnuts!!!