Hello Blogletts! I have some very exciting news for you... (Drumroll please) Kyrie in Kalamityland has a shiny new website! Annnnnnd... There will be a few more changes happening on my blog. I am going to be writing about a lot more than just food (don't worry, you can still get your GF fix with … Continue reading Surprise!


Lemon Honey Tea

So, while we were in China, both Miles and I were unfortunate enough to catch a nasty cold, one of the nastiest colds I have ever had! It was GROSS! Rather than reach for pain killers, we were advised to try drinking lemon honey tea. Much to my surprise it actually really helped keep some … Continue reading Lemon Honey Tea

Pumpkin cake…with a twist 

While Miles and I were in China, we went for an amazing meal at a Northern Chinese restaurant!  We ordered lots of different foods including 'sweet potato fries' which turned out to be chips coated in a hot sugar syrup which you dunk in water to set then munch on buuuuuut... That's a different story! … Continue reading Pumpkin cake…with a twist