Chilli Festival GF Fiesta! 

Miles and I were lucky enough to receive some free tickets to the Chilli Festival in West Dean, and we decided to go on Sunday!We have been before and there is always some gluten free bits on offer, but this year was amazing! There was such an awesome variety of different foods to try, have … Continue reading Chilli Festival GF Fiesta! 


Pizza Express- Gluten Free Doughballs and more…

On Sunday, Miles and I decided to go to Pizza express to check out their new Gluten Free Doughballs! Exciting stuff! We hadn't been to Pixza Express in a while but I'd heard a few bits and bobs about these Doughballs and it was time to give them a go! I love the variety that … Continue reading Pizza Express- Gluten Free Doughballs and more…

Schar Glutenfree Summer: 4 Reasons

After having a sift through my mail the other day and finding an email inviting me to be part of the Schar Glutenfree Summer competition, I have decided to apply for it... How exciting!!! What the Glutenfree Summer is all about... Schar have teamed up with Acer, Sony Mobile and UNA Hotels and Resorts and together … Continue reading Schar Glutenfree Summer: 4 Reasons

Ting n Ting – Merton Abbey Mills, Wimboldon

While we where in London at the weekend, we decided to go for a lovely long walk in the sunshine. We ended up at Merton Abbey Mills which has lots of little stalls and shops filled with little treasures. Once we had browsed what was on offer at the shops and stalls, it was  definitely … Continue reading Ting n Ting – Merton Abbey Mills, Wimboldon